Motorcycle Rentals

Tokyo Rentals: Short Term Rental terms for 2019

For RENTALS from just a Weekend ( friday 2 p.m. – monday 10 a.m.)

and up to 6 days :

Please choose your bike and accessories by using the

MOTORCYCLES button and email us once decided, we will make you a very reasonable offer.


Tokyo Rentals: Touring Package Rental terms for 2019

These are for clients who just want a fully equipped bike for at least a week without the need to go through piece by piece ordering on the website, basically come here, show your license, finish the booking, climb onto your bike and off you go..

a) every motorcycle on our 2019 list can be rented at

490 USD / 1 week

950 USD / 2 weeks

1380 USD / 3 weeks

fully geared up with ETC reader, 3 cases, JAF card, either Garmin Zumo, japanese TNK or your own smartphone on X-grip as GPS system and including free mileage as well as including comprehensive insurance for both rider and pillion.

b) Tokyo Rentals online rentals will end, motorbike rentals-only must be initiated by email and we will confirm by email and sending our smartphone number

c) Theft insurance is fully included for free in all rental fees

d) Deposit for damages and maximum amount insurance excess is set to just 1000 USD for each and any motorcycle.

e) For weekly or longer rentals: Accessories like Sena communication no more on a daily base but just 30 USD/piece per rental term, regardless whether 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

f) Extended rentals, a month or longer are possible, too – just inquire to get your smile.

To showcase an example weekly rental:

send an email asking for availability of your desired bike for a week, lets assume BMW K1200GT in full touring set up. Bike is available, Garmin Zumo, ETC reader + ETC card ( if used Highway fees to be charged when known ) , 2 panier case + top case. You come over, put 1000$ on the desk or paypal 1000$ as deposit, pay your 490 USD week fee and off you go. Enjoy, come back without damage and full tank, have a coffee with us, get your deposit back instantly and leave with a smile and hopefully to be back next year. You also do not need japanese language skills at our office, your english, german, french or italian will do easily – if italian we may ask you to do us a favor and bring some lavazza, moro or segafredo from your homeland with you…..

We think that for touring oriented clients this new set of pricing and terms is the most easy and comfortable to handle, no add-ons, no hidden prices, no gimmicks, just plain and simple fair prices with all you need for touring in Japan already included. Simply forget all these nagging ..How much is this or that to add..essentials are already in.


Standard Guided Tours and Fully Customized Guided Tours
Please Notice: These tours can currently only be booked through our US partner
Start with picking you up at the airport or your Tokyo Hotel , then pick up bikes and gear at Tokyo Rentals office,
this is basically the same as a full-fledged Group Tours with the addition of 1 x added service van with driver for
luggage, spare parts and tools , extra spare bike if wished , spare GPS and communication units, etc. You may
either tell us please where you would want to go or ask us to make a dedicated tour schedule according to your
wishes. Of course any possible addition according to your wishes can and will be added to make it a breeze for
you. For more details please email us with your precise wishes.

Individual Combination Motorcyle Tours, Rentals and Table Tennis

with nationwide match possibilities versus japanese teams highly welcome, as already organized twice. Please though provide details concerning skills (TTR-point levels ) to enable us to find a fitting team here in Japan. These matches usually do not end with the last ball on the the table but rather with the last Sapporo beer later in the Izakaya pub…While right now only available for table tennis   other sports not categorically denied – please enquire.