One Week Tour, close to Tokyo

One Week Tour, close to Tokyo

Location: Close to Tokyo

Length: 1 week

History: Pacific Ocean – Mount Fuji and Lakes

Estimate: Monday – Monday

2 People, 1 Motorcycle

BMW R1100S / 1100RS : around 70.000 Yen

BMW K1200GT / F800ST: around 85.000 Yen

insurance deductible reduction, gas, highway toll estimated for this trip around 25.000 Yen

( estimated Hotel costs for this trip: around 84.000 Yen)

( estimated meals, entrance fees:  around 49.000 Yen)

Day 1: Monday. Pick up in Tokyo, distance 50 kms, drive about 70 minutes to beautiful Kamakura, explore Daibutsu, Hasedera, Hachimangu as well as dozens others – night stay Kamakura or nearby.

Day 2: Tuesday. Further explore Kamakura, Zushi, the Miura pensinsula, get on the quaint Enoden rail line to Enoshima – we guarantee you’ll not regret the short trip to Enoshima – night stay again Kamakura or nearby.

Day 3: Wednesday. Drive from Kamakura along Pacific Ocean to Izu Peninsula, explore either Atami and the east coast via Road 135 or use the tollroad Izu Skyline – almost made for motorcycling, then visit Ito-City or Ito’s Marine Town for a late lunch before – a must – visiting Jogasaki Kaigan, night stay either Ito or – recommended – at Inatori Onsen as this is closer to the next destinations.

Day 4: Thursday. Explore Kawazu Seven Falls and the adjacent Loop, then further south on 135 via the famous Shirahama beach to Shimoda , visit the Ryosen-ji, Hofukuji with Okichi’s grave, board one of the Black Ships, stroll the Perry Road and / or take the cable car to Mount Nesugata. On the way back to Inatori – if time allows – make a short trip to Tsumekizaki Park just 2 miles east of Shimoda City and do not do too much on this single day, just allow some free time to capture the deeply friendly and peaceful atmosphere at Shimoda..Night stay at Inatori Onsen

Day 5: Friday. Starting the same, drive SS135 to Shimoda and SS16 to Cap Irozaki, make possibly also a short boat trip to Monkey island, then on 16 and 136 to Dogashima, explore the Cave, board a boat, then drive on north on 136 and do not forget – if weather permits – to take some pictures either on road 136 or on the Fujimi Dai platform of the Suruga Bay with the majestic Mount Fuji in the background. Then it’s time to leave northbound again, depending on your time, pay a short visit to the old Hot Springs town of Shuzenji, then go on to Lake Ashi where you will find it almost impossible to leave again if Mount Fuji is not covered within clouds.. But – go to your final destination for today in the late afternoon or early evening and stay at Yamanaka Lake.

Day 6: Saturday. This is your day on your own…. take in and drive around Yamanaka Lake with the giant Mount Fuji looming above all, board a boat or simply explore the roads and views including East Fuji road 5 around the Fuji. There are that many views and small roads that you will find it hard to decide what to do next – for the magnificent views the weather though has to play along. Night stay at Lake Yamanaka.

Day 7: Sunday. Similar to yesterday, drive the 15kms to Fuji Kawaguchi Lake and explore the lakeside and mountain views, FujiomuroSengen Shinto Shrine, drive to Lake Motosu or onto the scenic toll road Fuji Subaru Line from Kawaguchi up the Mount Fuji until station 5 around 2300 meters above sea level – closed for public traffic though between July 10 and September 10 – for magnificent views of the Fuji 5 lakes area – last night stay again at Lake Yamanaka.

Day 8: Monday. After a last morning glimpse of Mount Fuji and Lake Yamanaka, please give us a call to say you are on the way back from Yamanaka before you drive onto either Chuo Highway (107 kms to Kitami, Setagaya-ku ) or Tomei Highway ( 105 kms to Kitami, Setagaya-ku ) , both around 90 -100 minutes in normal traffic for motorcycles..then fill up gas in Kitami and enjoy a Capuccino or Espresso with us..