Tokyo Rentals was founded in april 2003 as Tokyo エディット有限会社 and started HD broadcast editing in Roppongi. The company moved to Setagaya-ku in 2007 and was renamed and the company registration changed to Tokyo Rentals 有 限会社 in 2016, moving away from editing to do more broadly business in renting – with a license for both two wheel vehicles as well as broadcast rentals – as in HD / 4K broadcast equipment rentals and from time to time also sales of rental equipment.

Clients include both national and international tv networks and production companies, the majority of them national business-to-business deals and longtime rentals to networks, OB van companies and major rental houses where also part of our equipment is located on a longterm base and is being rented out directly from there. The equipment focus is on Live HD field and studio camera chains, mostly Sony and Panasonic chains, HD / 4K / 4K+ lenses from Fujinon and Canon and supporting gear like Vinten Vector 700/750 range tripod heads.

Only companies registered in Japan with an approved customer account are allowed to rent equipment from our PROFESSIONAL Line of Broadcast rentals. The account approval review is done by our japanese insurance company which – in case of approval – will then issue a client account number and from then on you are ready to go. The time needed from applying for a customer number to approval can be done within 10 days ,
provided all necessary paperwork to the insurance company is done in time.

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