Tokyo Rentals was founded in april 2003 as Tokyo エディット有限会社 and started HD broadcast editing in Roppongi. The company moved to Setagaya-ku in 2007 and was renamed and the company registration changed to Tokyo Rentals 有 限会社 in 2016, moving away from editing to do more broadly business in renting – with a license for both two wheel vehicles as well as broadcast rentals – as in HD / 4K / 8K broadcast equipment rentals and from time to time also sales of rental equipment.

Now, during and after the Covid pandemic in 2024 the equipment focus changed a bit, all former Live HD field and studio camera chains – except the 8x Ikegami 8K SHK-810 chains – have been sold and main focus now is rental / sale / in-house refurbishing of mostly HD / 4K / 4K+ B4 mount lenses from Canon – with some occasional Cine Lenses as well as Fujinon B4 lenses in between – and supporting gear like the Vinten Quattros / Ospreys and Vector 70/700/950 range tripod heads.

We sold 107 used B4 mount lenses to worldwide dealers in 2021 and still are on course every year for a sales quantity of 80 to 150 B4 mount lenses, HD / 4K ENG to UA107 and CJ845/86x box lenses. We are also always open to purchase Canon items from HD B4 lens parts, zoom & focus demands to quantities of HD / 4K box & ENG B4 mount lenses, from working lenses fine via lenses in need of repair to broken lenses where we still might be able to use at least parts to repair other lenses where no more new spare parts are available.